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Powerful Wazifa Only for One night for All Wishes


One night Wazifa for All Wishes

Today in this article we are providing you with a very effective wazifa for any hajat. Some peoples search for wazifa for hajat but they don’t want to do long wazifa’s. Only for those peoples, we are providing a very effective and powerful wazifa to fulfill all your wishes. This wazifa is only for one night so it’s easy to perform.

Method of doing wazifa for all wishes

  1. You have to perform this wazifa after Isha salat.
  2. Go to a separate room.
  3. Start from reciting “Bismillah hir-Rahman nirrahim” 1000 times.
  4. Then pray 2 rakat nafil,
  5. After that again 1000 times “Bismillah hir-Rahman nirrahim”.
  6. Then again 2 rakat nafil.
  7. You have to repeat this process till you recite wazifa for all wishes 12000 times and 24 rakat nafil.

After doing this wazifa In Sha Allah all your wishes will come true. This One-night Wazifa for All Wishes is tested and tried by me too, So don’t worry about results.

Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something You Want


Wazifa To Make Someone To Do Something

Asslamu Alaikum, Today we will talk about wazifa to make someone to do something is one of the best wazifa to perform for such a hajat. This wazifa can be used to make someone agree with you. 

Make one thing very clear you should have good intention and hajat for this wazifa only then you can make someone do something. You can use this wazifa if someone is ignoring you and you want them to listen for your wishes.

You have to read Wazifa To Make Someone To Obey you before going to meet them. 

  1. 11 Times Durood Salavat
  2. 13 Times Surah Yusuf
  3. 11 Times Durood Salavat

When you will meet them they will not be able to deny your wishes and they will do as you say. Until your wishes are not illegal according to Islam. There is one thing you should know about this wazifa to make someone do something you want is only working if you will be in front of them. Once you will go away from there eyesight they might change their minds.

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You have to stay in front of that person unless you get your wishes fulfilled. It’s one of the common factors you need to know. 

Wazifa To Make Someone To Obey you

Hope Wazifa to make someone to obey you will help you in your wishes. You can only use this wazifa in some limitations. We will tell you the limits of this wazifa. Remember don’t become a sinner in the eye of Almighty Allah (SWT).

You can’t use wazifa to make someone to obey you for:-

  1. Making someone marry you.

  2. Making someone to have physical relations with you.

  3. Don’t try to cheat someone.

  4. Don’t heart anyone.

Powerful wazifa to make your husband respect you

Wazifa to make your husband respect you

If your husband or you’re in-laws are not treating you nice or do not respect you then do this. Inshallah, they will not only treat you nice but respect you as well. The reason I made this video is a Question asked by a sister. I am mentioning her Question below. If you too can relate her situation with you then this wazifa to make husband to respect wife is for you

Her Question:- Salaam, can u plz give me dua’s/ wazifas. my better half used to love so much and he would give regard and he would do everything for me, and constantly used to disclose to me that he’s extremely fortunate having spouse like me, yet now I Don’t know what transpires, he tells he doesn’t cherish me that much and doesn’t care. Mashallah, I listen to him and do whatever he needs, and alhamdulillah I supplicate he asks as well. 1 day he was revealing to me total 1 let him know not to love me and not to regard me and don’t do anything for her. I that damages me a lot. when I tell is anything wrong with me he says no I am flawless and nothing is wrong with me. in any case, I don’t know whats going on. my significant other nowadays gets distraught a lot, and he needs to procure cash and have good work, however, there’s no Barakat in his cash and lands tired in 1 position. in each and every word he gets frantic easily please give me dua’s/wazifa so my better half love and regard me again, and listens to me, and me and spouse turn out to be closest companions .he needs to have good solid life and he could have his own house and have his own business . I’ll be truly ground full to u. plz encourage me

If after doing this wazifa you didn’t get the desired results then there could be some kind of black magic on you or your husband. In such a situation you can consult me anytime. We feel happy to help you. We are also available on Whatsapp.

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Surah Taha For Marriage In English


Surah Taha For Marriage In English

If you have any kind of marriage-related issue you should perform surah taha for marriage this is the best solution for any marriage problem. Today we will share a powerful wazifa to remove problems in a marriageSurah Taha for marriage in English is an extraordinary Islamic source to expel hindrances from your Love marriage.

Commonly it has been seen that when a couple is close to getting hitched they confront such huge numbers of issues. In the event that you too are one of that couple at that point, trust me, this one wazifa can Solve any marriage problem.

In Sha Allah, your problem will be solved. If you still feel that there is some problem then there could be some serious issue like someone might have done some kind of magic or black magic spell on you. In such a case, you can also consult us. We are also available on Whatsapp.

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Wazifa to make Your Husband or Wife come back to you

Wazifa to make Your Husband or Wife come back to you

The most beautiful relation in the world called marriage. Where to opposite-sex person promise each other to live together and stay together to face each other’s life problems. Sometimes this is seen that because of weak mutual understanding this beautiful relationship gets ruined.

If your husband or wife is angry with you and refuses to come back to you then this wazifa is all you need. It is very necessary for a husband and wife to maintain their relationship and this should be as strong that nobody could break it by creating any kind of misunderstanding in you both.

This wazifa to bring husband or wife come back to you is really very powerful you should try this. After doing this wazifa Insha Allah then you will surely get your husband or wife back to your home. If you still face any problem then consult us on WhatsApp or you can directly call us. We are happy to help you.

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Dua to get love back



Dua to make someone mad in your love

Dua To Make Someone Mad in Love:- What is love? I don’t think that I need to explain to anyone about love. when a boy or a girl is in this feeling of love then nothing is more important for them. Here everybody will agree that love is the most beautiful feeling a human being can feel.

If you want to make any boy or girl mad in your love then you need this Powerful Dua To Make Someone Mad in Love With you its the best way to get your lost love back by dua.

This Is a tested and working dua to make someone fall in love with you this dua is also known as dua to make someone mad in love with you. You can perform this dua easily and Insha Allah you will get desired results. If you have any problem with this dua to make someone mad in your love then you can consult us on WhatsApp.

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Kisi ki shadi todne ka Powerful Wazifa


Shadi todne ka Wazifa

Kya apka rishta gharwalo ne jabbardasti kahi tay kar diya hai? Kya Jis se ap mohhabat karte ho vo apko dhokha dekar kahi or shadi kar raha hai ya fir kisi dabav mai aa kar kahi or shadi kar raha hai or ap kisi Islamic tarike se uski shadi todne ka tarika dundh rahe ho to apko jarurat hai Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji se rabbata karne ki vo apki jarur madad karenge. contact +91-7300273361 molana ji. Best kisi ki shadi todne ki dua is here.

Ye Kisi ki shadi todne ka wazifa karne se Insha Allah apko jarur kamyabi milegi. Upar di gayi video Shadi todne ka amal ke bare mein hain Ham dua karenge Allah Ta’ala apki dua kabul karenge.

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Kisi Ki Shadi Todne Ki Dua

Mujhe behad baar kisi ki shadi todne ka wazifa ke bare mein comment ate hain social media par ki ye ek gunnah hain. Logo ko man na hain ki ager maine “Shadi todne ka wazifa” dala hain to maine gunah kiya hain.

Mere pyare bhaiyo or behno mein apko batana chahta hu ki shadi todne ka wazifa jo hamne dala hain ye galat nahi hain. Kyu ki shadi todne ki dua sirf wahi log padh sakte hain jinki shadi jabardasti ho rahi ho. Ya fir jisko vo chahte hain uski shadi begair uski marzi ke tay ho gayi ho.

Main un logo se darkhawast karta hun ki apni knowledge batne se pahle hamara jo maqsad hain vo jaan lein. Mein ye nahi kahta ki mein Allah Subah Wa Ta’ala se upar hun. Kyu ki mein sirf rasta bata sakta hu us raste par chalna tumhara kaam hain. Ager us sache parvardigar ko tumhari dua mein dum lagega to vo jarur madad karega tumhari. Or ager ye shirk ho ga to vo kabhi tumhari Shadi todne ki dua nahi kabul karega.

Jin jin logo ko lagta hain ki mera ye wazifa dalna galat hain vo mujhe bataye mein is wazifa ko hata dunga. Par kya apne kabhi un logo ke bare mein socha hain jo shadi todne ka wazifa search karte hain? Kya tumko lagta hain ki vo log pagal hain? Koi dusre ki jindagi barbaad karne wala wazifa kyu search karega?

Bhaiyo or behno baat aisi hain ki vo log bebas ho kar Allah se madad mangne ka tarika dundhte hain. Tumko yakeen nahin hoga ki net par aise aise log baithe hain jo unki mazburi ka fayda utha kar unse paise le lete hain. Khair ham chahte hain ki ap kudh ‘shadi todne ka wazifa’ karo or Inhsa Allah apko kamyabi milegi.

Ager ap ko koi bhi mushkil pesh aa rahi ho wazifa karne mein to ap ham se rabta kar sakte hain WhatsApp par.


Mohabbat paida Karne ka wazifa

Mohabbat ek behad hi pak shabad hai or vahi log isko behatar samjh sakte hain jinhone isko mehsus kiya ho. Ager ap kisi ko beimtehaan Mohabbat karte hain or chahte hain ko vo bhi apko badle me utni hi Mohabbat kare to ap kisi ke dil me Mohabbat paida karne ka wazifa kare Insha Allah apko kamyabi milegi.

Aksar hota kya hai ek insan dusre se behad Mohabbat karta hai par badle me usko utna pyar na milne par vo tut jata hai. Jab koi bhi ladka ya ladki ko badle me manchahi Mohabbat na mil rahi ho vo ye kisi ke dil me Mohabbat paida karne ka wazifa kar sakte hain.

Kisi ke dil me Mohabbat jagane ki dua

Aksar dekha jata hai ki ek ladka kisi ladki se beimtehan ishq karta hai. Par jab vo us ladki ke samne apni Mohabbat jahir karta hai tab usko kayi baar ladki ki taraf se aitraz naseeb hota hai. Aisa jaruri ni hai ladke ke sath hi ho kisi ladki ke sath bhi aisa ho sakta hai.

Is liye un logo ke liye aj ham apke samne kisi ke dil me Mohabbat jagane ki dua pesh karenge. Jayada tar mamlo me paya jata hai jab koi nojawan is masle se gujarta hai to vo apni himmat har jata hai. Aise me apko tutne ki jarurat ni hai ap ye dil me Mohabbat jagane ki dua ko padhiye apko  jarur kamyabi milegi.

Kisi ke dil me pyar jagane ka wazifa

Ham apke samne kisi ke dil me pyar jagane ka wazifa ki video pesh kar rahe hain. Ap ye puri video dhayan se dekhe or isme di gayi sari jankari ko samjhe or fir ye wazifa kare.

Hamari website Islamic Dua Helpline par hamara maqsad hai ap kudh apni pareshani ka hal kare. Hamare taraf se di gayi sari video azamayi hue dua or wazifa par adharit hain.

Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji ke bataye kisi ke dil me pyar jagane ka wazifa karne par Insha Allah apko kamyabi milegi. Is wazifa ko karne me ager apko koi bhi pareshani ho to  +91-7300273361 par ap ham se rabta kar sakte hai ham apki madad karenge.

Mehbub ke dil me apne liye Mohabbat paida karne ka amal

Ager apka bhi mehbub apko man mutabik Mohabbat ni karta to ap mehbub ke dil me apne liye Mohabbat paida karne ka amal karke usko apni Mohabbat me diwana bana sakte hain. Behad dukh hota hoga us insan ko jisko badle me apni Mohabbat na mil pati ho.

Ap sabhi logo ko himmat harne ki jarurat ni hai ap is amal ko karke jald hi apne mehbub ko apni Mohabbat me diwana kar sakte hain. Is wazifa ko ko likhne ka karan ye hai ki kuch dil pahle hamari ek bachi se baat hue the jo is kadar tut chuki the ki marne ki baate kar rahi the.

Allah ki ager manjuri ho to ap is amal ke jariye apni muhabbat pa sakte hain.


Shohar ki narazgi door karne ki dua:- Asslamu alaikum, Thode din pahle hamare paas ek bachi aayi the jiska shohar uska chod kar alag rah raha tha. Vo bachi hamse shohar ki narazgi door karne ki dua ke bare mai puch rahi the. Kher aj vo or uska shohar dono ek sath hain or kush hain. Jaisa ki ham sab ko pata hai ki miya-biwi ka rishta ek aisa rishta hai jo ager acha rahe to ghar bhi jannat ban jata hain or ager isme darar aa jaye to jindagi jehalum ban jati hai. Aksar hota kya hai ki miya biwi ka rishta jitna gehra hai utne hi isme khich taan bhi hoti rahti hai. Aise mai naitefaqi jald hi narazgi ban jati hai.

Ager apka ya apke kisi jankar ka shohar bhi gussa ho kar apko chodh kar chala gaya hain to shohar ka gussa khatam karne ki dua apke behad kaam ayegi. Ager ap apne shohar ki kisi baat ko lekar naraz hain ya fir apkashohar apki kisi harkat ko lekar ap se khafa hai to ap dono mai se koi bhi turant shohar ki narazgi door karne ki dua ko padhe. Aisa karne se jald hi ap dono ke dil mil jayenge or ap dono sath rahoge Insah Allah.

Shohar ki narazgi door karne ka wazifa

Aksar dekha gaya hai ki jab shadi hue thoda arsa bit jata hai to shohar apni biwi se muhabbat karna band kar deta hai. Ager apka shohar bhi apko apne upar bojh samjhta hai to Islam mai behad hi umda wazifa hai. Yadi biwi chahe to shohar ki narazgi door karne ki wazifa ki madad se uske dil se narazgi door kar sakti hain. Shohar ki narazgi door karne ka wazifa behhad hi azamaya hua wazifa hain. Hota kya hai jayadatar shohar dadmijaz hote hain apni biwi ke liye. Wo log api biwi se behad hi bura bartav karte hain. Ager ap bhi unhi biwiyo mai se ek ho to abhi se shohar ki narazgi door karne ka wazifa shuru karein.

Shohar ki narazgi door karne ki dua

Shohar ki narazgi khatam karne ka Taqatwar wazifa

Ye jo shohar ki narazgi khatam karne ka wazifa hai iske jariye ap apne shohar ke dil se badi se badi narazgi door kar sakti hain. Is wazifa ko karne ke baad Insha Allah apka shohar apke haq mai aa jayega. Narazgi khatam karne ka wazifa kuch is tarah hain –

  • Biwi ko ye wazifa zohar ki namaz ke baad karna hai.
  • Wazifa shuru karne se pahle 1 Baar durood shareef padhna hai apko.
  • Uske baad “Ya Lateefu padhna” hai 86 baar.
  • Fir apko chameli ke tel par dum karna hain.
  • Akhir mai fir se ek baar durood shareef padhni hai.
  • Fir raat ko ye tel ap apne shohar ke muh par ya balo mai laga dein.
  • Is amal ko apko 5 din lagataar karna hai.
  • Insha Allah apke shohar ki narazgi 5 din mai door ho jayegi.

Narazgi door karne ka wazifa

Is tarah se Shohar ki narazgi door karne ka wazifa ki madad se ap apne shohar ko apni taraf kar sakte hain. Ye narazgi door karne ka wazifa karne ke baad apke shohar ka bartav apke liye bilkul badal jayega. Vo apse sab se jayada muhabbat karna shuru karne lagega. Is gussa khatam karne ki dua se biwi apne shohar ka bure se bura gussa khatam kar sakti hai vo bhi sirf 5 din mai. Hamne bhut baar dekha hai ki shohar apni biwi ko bilkul bhi tawajoh ni dete hain. Shohar apni biwi ko zara sa bhi waqt tak ni de pate jiski wajah se narazgi hona shuru hoti hain.

Kuch pagal shohar to aise bhi hamne dekhe hain jo gusse mai apni biwi par hath bhi utha dete hai. Ye bilkul galat baat hain or shohar ki narazgi door karne ka wazifa hi iska ek hal hai. Choti choti baat par jhagda karne wale shohar is wazifa ke bad apni biwi ke hath chuma karenge. Islam is baat ki bilkul izzazat ni hai ki miya apni biwi par hath uthaye. Shohar ko apni biwi ki qadar karni chaheye or hamesha uska sath dena chaheye. Narazgi door karne ka wazifa se hamne behad sari behno ki madad ki hai insha allah ye wazifa apke bhi kaam aayega. Khuda hafiz.


Dua to win a lottery

Many peoples nowadays face the money problem. They try their luck in a lottery but didn’t get succeed for such peoples today we are mentioning you wazifa to win a lottery. This powerful dua actually belongs to make your luck strong that’s why this dua to win the lottery will work for you. Although your luck is already decided by Allah SWT its mentioned by holy prophets that by making dua in front of almighty you can change your destination. You should only attempt this dua to win lotto if you don’t have any other choice.

Wazifa to win a lotto

This wazifa to win lotto is an effective solution for your money problems. This single wazifa can make you luck shine like a star. Remember one thing star does not have its own shine it shines because of the sun. Here in this wazifa to win lotto sun is mentioned to Allah SWT and your luck is mentioned as a star. So your luck is in shining position just because of Allah don’t forget this ever. Here in this post, we will mention you dua to win lotto with the help of a youtube video. If you find this Dua helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel Islamic Dua Helpline. At our website Islamic Dua Helpline, our main motive is to provide you solution of any life-related problems. Keep visiting us for more powerful wazifa’s.

Here is Islamic Dua to win a lottery or lotto

So basically this dua can change your whole money related situation. You can see this Islamic dua to win a lottery in the video given above but for better understanding, we are also providing you this wazifa in the text. Below we are mentioning step by step process to this dua.

  • You should make a fresh ablution before performing this Islamic dua.
  • You have to perform this dua after Namaz-E-Fazar in the afternoon.
  • Start from reading Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Then you have to read Surah Nisa 35 times.
  • Then recite this Dua to win lotto 59 times.

Subhaan Allahe Waabi hamdehi Subhaan Allahila Azeem Astaagh firrullah

  • In the last again you have to read Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Insha Allah, you will win the lottery.

Note- You should perform this wazifa for 12 days continuously.

If you had read the whole post about powerful Islamic dua for winning a lottery then we don’t think that there is any question of a doubt should be there in your mind. At Islamic Dua Helpline, our first priority is to provide easy wazifa’s and dua’s so peoples understand them easily. In any case, you have still any doubts then you can comment down below or you can also consult our expert Islamic scholar Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji.

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