Dua for Ex Come Back After Breakup


Assalamwalikum, Today we will share the powerful Dua for Ex Come Back After Breakup. We all know that there comes a time when you start missing your ex a lot especially after a breakup and you want your ex to come back to you.

But you’re also thinking about moving on. You know that person has faults but your heart still tells you to go back, thinking about how good they are sometimes. You just want to be with that person again, for better or for worse.

More than 80% of Couples think of that when they break up. This Islamic Dua is for anyone looking to get their ex back. May it be your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband, or ex-fiance.

May it be a straight relationship or a gay relationship. If you have been through a breakup and are thinking about winning your ex back, you will find this Dua helpful and enlightening.

If you are looking for a Powerful and Islamic halaal way to get your ex back. Then read this article.

How to Perform Dua for Ex Come Back After Breakup Step by Step

  1. There is not a compulsion of fixed timing in this wazifa. You may start it on any day and at any time. You may also recite it after any obligatory prayers if you want. See Surah Taha For Marriage here.
  2. You have to start it in the state of ablution.
  3. Having an image of your ex in both of your heart and mind. Make an intention that I am performing this wazifa to create love in my ex’s heart with an intention of marriage.
  4. Then recite the verse number 63 of Surah Anfal Twenty one (21) times

Wa allafa baina quloobihim. Law anfaqta maa fil ardi jamee’am maa allafta baina quloobihim wa lakinnALLAHa allafa bainahum. Innahu ‘Azeezun Hakeem.

5. Afterward make a prayer to Allah (SWT) The Exalted to bring your lost ex back in your life with the bottom of your heart.


Afterward, make a prayer to Allah (SWT) to bring your ex back in your life from the bottom of your heart. You have to do this wazifa for 11 days. Recite this amal regularly for eleven days until your lover becomes crazy in your love and desperately wants to enter your life forever. If Allah (SWT) wills your heart wish will be granted quickly. Your ex will happily get back to your life.

Dua for Ex Come Back After Marrying Someone Else

You’ve gone through relationships where you knew the other person wasn’t good for you. But every so often, you will leave someone and realize you have made a terrible mistake Or, your ex left you and married someone else, but you’re certain you still want to be with her and have a great life together.

While there are no guarantees that your ex will come back into your life with open arms after marrying someone else. But there are some certain Islamic duas you can do to entice them back into a relationship.

If you are no longer with the one you love but still have very strong feelings, at first it can be overwhelming when trying to get over your breakup. You feel like part of you is missing and that you won’t ever be whole again until you get that special someone back into your life.

If you don’t know where to turn and are just simply looking for help and support to figure out How to get back with your ex, this is probably the Best Dua for getting your Ex back.

If you are love with someone and your love is one-sided then you can do this Islamic Dua to make Someone Mad in love with you.

How to Perform Dua for Ex Come Back After Marrying Someone Else Step by Step

  1. Before starting this Make a full intense intention of getting back and putting love in your ex’s heart.
  2. On any day after offering morning (Fajr) prayers. Recite in the state of ablution. Say “Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum” five hundred (500) times in a loud voice.
  3. Finally, make a prayer (dua) for your purpose of creating love in his/her heart and to get him back permanently.
  4. Perform this for 21 days until you get him/her back forever.

Dua for Ex Come Back After Marrying Someone Else

Insha Allah, your problem will get solved. If you still feel that there is some problem then there could be some serious issues. In such a case, you can also consult Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji on Whats App.



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