Dua For One Sided Love


Assalamwalikum, Hope You all are good and well. today we will talk about Dua For One Sided Love Have you loved someone, and their feelings have not been the same for you? Maybe you have started to fall for a friend, but they only ever see you as just a friend? One-Sided Love can be devastating, especially when you feel so strongly about someone.

I think it’s right to say that many people have to deal with this scenario once or twice in their lives, and it can be tough to deal with. One-Sided Love is difficult enough when it is regarding someone you hardly know, but it can be a lot worse if it’s regarding a friend.

When someone does not love you back or have romantic feelings towards you, you may start to look for things to blame this on. For example, how you look or how you act, and you can begin to doubt yourself. It’s essential that you don’t go down this route, as it can be damaging, and usually, the problem isn’t you.

So, I am going to talk about Quranic and effective Duas that can help you to make the other person fall madly in Love with you.

How to Perform Dua For One Sided Love Step by Step

  1. Make A Fresh Wuzu
  2. You Can Start it after Esha namaz.
  3. Sit on your Prayer mat facing towards Qibla.
  4. Now read Durood E Pak 21 times.
  5. Recite Surah Muzammil 211 Times whole imagining the face of that person you are in Love with you.
  6. Now Chant Ya Wadudu 111 times.
  7. Now-Again Recite Durood E Pak 21 times.
  8. Now Make A Dua To Allah (SWT) to make that person fall in Love with you.

Dua For One Sided Love

Important Note: Don’t do this Wazifa for Haram Purpose.

If You Dont want any Relationship you just want to get rid of this situation.You are trying everything to overcome from your breakup. Then You also do this Dua to Heal a Broken Heart. It is the easiest and the best path for you to get out of that pain.

Dua To Make Anyone Fall in Love With You 

Love is so challenging finding it, keeping it, and, most difficult of all, getting Love back from the person you’ve set your heart on. Love is equal parts luck, chemistry, timing, and science. Yes, there’s Islam behind Love, and that can work in your favor when you’re trying to figure out how to make someone fall in Love with you.

But can you really make someone fall in Love with you? Well, Love isn’t just about finding somebody that you find attractive and settling down. It’s about compatibility and shared goals and values.

However, there are some Quranic Dua to Make Anyone fall in love with You.

If you want your Ex Love back in your life then you can also try this Dua to Get Someone Back. It will help you make your ex madly in love with you.

How To Perform Dua To Make Anyone Fall in Love With You Step by Step

  1. Make a Fresh Ablution.
  2. You can start this Wazifa any time.
  3. At first, recite Durood Ibrahim eleven (11) times.
  4. After that, repeat Surah Alam Nashrah twenty-one (21) times.
  5. Then recite Fa sahil ya ilahu kulla sabin bihurmati sayidil abrari sahil for thirty one (31) times.
  6. Then Again, read Durood Ibrahim eleven (11) times.
  7. Now Take the Photo of that person you want to make fall in Love with you blow on that photo.

Dua To Make Anyone Fall in Love With You

Inshallah, that person will start feeling for you. This Dua To Make Anyone fall in Love with You has benefited so many followers. This Wazifa has been taken from a Tibbe Nabavi and is basically to develop a love for you in someone’s heart through The Lovely Name of ALLAH Azzawajal.

If you still have any doubts then you can contact Molana Bakhtawar Ali Saab anytime. Feel free to WhatsApp us on the given numbers.


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