Powerful Dua To Remove Evil Black Magic


Asalaam Alaikum, Today we will share the Powerful Dua To Remove Evil Black Magic. Black magic and the Evil eye are worldwide and have been around since ancient times. Most of the time, evil eye black magic intends to harm or hurt someone, whether out of spite, jealousy, or revenge.

Black magic can also remove free will from people and force them to adhere to the caster’s choice. There are many different forms of black magic out there, including Jinnat, animal sacrifices, Kala ilm, and others. Black magic practitioners will often invoke evil spirits to force them to fulfill their black magic and bring about the effects they want.

Powerful Dua To Remove Evil Black Magic

Here is the step by step procedure to perform Powerful Dua To Remove Evil Eye Black Magic

  1. Make a fresh Ablution.
  2. You can begin on any day.
  3. Wear washed garments and sit on a prayer mat.
  4. You have to start this after the Esha prayers.
  5. Then you have to read “AllahuSamad” 101 times.
  6. Now You have to read Surah Al-Infitaar Verse 19 for 21 times. 
  7. Then Repeat the following verse 

“Siraatal-lazeena an’amta ‘alaihim ghayril-maghdoobi ‘alaihim wa lad-daaalleen”

Powerful Dua To Remove Evil Black Magic

Now Make a Dua To Allah SWT to eradicate any harmful black magic or evil eye on you and destroy that. You should Recite the Dua for 11 days without any break. and also, you should also make sure not to skip this Dua for even one day to get desired results.

How Black Magic is used 

  • Black magicians may use these spirits to access information from anyone. These pieces of information may be used to inflict harm to the individual.
  • Black magicians may use spirits to mentally torture and physically harm people. People who are driven by jealousy, anger, and hate pay black magicians to inflict harm to their relatives, friends, and colleagues.
  • Professionals like lawyers can even hire black magicians to win cases. At times, politicians and people in business have hired black magicians to defeat their competitors. It is also widespread in the movie, music, and modeling industries.

How Can You Cure Evil Black Magic by Islamic Dua 

The possibility of black magic inhabiting human bodies is pretty universal across cultures and religions. It is one of the oldest ways of accounting for mental health difficulties. In Islam, the belief that evil eye and black magic can cause mental illness is widely accepted.

This Dua aims to explain how you can destroy the black magic and overcome mental health difficulties. And to explore the religious framework that exists around them. Belief in black magic can influence how people understand and think about their symptoms and how they seek help.

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Here is the procedure of how you can remove evil black magic

  1. Make Wadu and make a fresh ablution before reciting the dua.
  2. Enchant the following verse 101 times per day
  3. “Wallazeena yu’minoona bimaa unzila ilaika wa maaa unzila min qablika wa bil Aakhirati hum yooqinoon”

  4. After reciting blow the air on the person who is suffering from the bad effect of black magic.
  5. Now Recite Durood-sharif 51 times.
  6. Finally Make a Dua to Almighty Allah Tallah to destroy black magic from where it came from.

How Can You Remove Evil Black Magic by Islamic Dua

Perform this for two weeks faithfully, and everything will get normal after this.If you want a fast and quick cure, then you should consult our Molana Saab on Whats App for free.


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