Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back


Asalaam Alaikum, If you’re searching for Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love you Back. So, you love someone and you have crush on him. Now wondering how to make him fall in love with you without doing any shirk? Well, in this modern-day, anything is possible.

If you want to make someone love you back, remember that love cannot be expressed with words. It is a feeling that grows in the heart.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t erase the feelings you feel. Fortunately, there are several ways to help you get rid of these feelings. For one, you can pray to Allah. The best way to do this in Islam is by using the Quranic Dua to make someone fall in love with you.

Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back

Here is the step by step procedure to perform Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back.

  1. Firstly Take a shower or make a fresh Ablution.
  2. Sit on a Prayer mat.
  3. You have to perform this dua after Esha Salat.
  4. Recite the Durood Sharif eleven times.
  5. After that, read Surah Al-Fatihah seven times.
  6. Then read the following verse fifty-one times.
  7. Allahuma ‘innee as ‘aluka fi’lal-khayraat wa tarkal-munkaraat wa hubbal masakeen.

  8. Again Recite Durood Sharif eleven times.
  9. Now imagine the person and blow in the air for seven times.
  10. After reading the Wazifa To Make Someone fall in love, you have to pray Almighty Allah SWT to make that person love you back.
Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back
Read Dua To Create Love In Someone’s Heart to make anyone fall in love with you.

We all know that only Allah (SWT) can change someone’s heart. Insha ALLAH, you will be able to create your love in your heart. Powerful Dua to Make Someone Mad In Love With You can help you make anyone adore you and fall for you. Recite this “Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back” regularly for twenty-one days.

How Can You Make Someone Love You Back in Islam?

Who doesn’t want to fall in love? It’s an almost universal desire. If you are interested in someone and desperately want them to love you back. The person you adore doesn’t have feelings for you, or he is in a relationship with the other person.

Do you want them to notice you? Do you wish for them to be attracted to you the same way you are?

There are some Islamic ways to inspire their interest. If you have this kind of relationship with a Muslim, you should remember making a dua to make that person love you. The Dua To Make Someone Love You Back in Islam will be very effective for the same reason.

Beg for mercy and pray with a good heart. True Lovers’s dua for their love will prove effective if made with a pure heart and good intentions. One should always make dua to stay closer to Allah the almighty.

Steps To Perform Dua To Make Someone Love You Back in Islam

  1. Perform this Dua after Maghrib prayer.
  2. Keep sitting on the prayer mat and start reciting Durood-E-Pak 11 times.
  3. Read Surah Naas 101 times.
  4. Again Recite Durood-E-Pak 11 times
  5. Now repeat, “O Allah, bring our hearts together, reconcile between us, guide us to ways of peace, and deliver us from darkness into light.” fifty-one times.

Make sure you do this ritual for eleven days straight and make dua to Allah SWT for that person’s attraction towards you, and Insha-Allah, you will see a difference in their behaviour. If you need any help and want immediate effects without this ritual. You can consult us for free on What’s App.

Dua To Create Love in Someone’s Heart

  1. In the second method, you will need the person’s photo whom you love after that recite Surah Al-Anfal
    verse one to ten for three times.
  2. In the end, you have to blow on that person’s picture two times.
  3. Now you have to wait and see the results of “Dua To Create Love in Someone’s Heart
     in your life.

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Surah To Create Love in Someone’s Heart in English

Surah To Create Love in Someone's Heart
You can read this Surah with Dua and Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back

Precautions For Powerful Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back

  • The heart must be cleansed of the thoughts of all else except Allah because the heart is a special place where the mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah descend as it has been stated in a blessed Hadith:

إِنَّ اللَّهَ لاَ يَنْظُرُ إِلَى أَجْسَادِكُمْ وَلاَ إِلَى صُوَرِكُمْ وَلَكِنْ يَنْظُرُ إِلَى قُلُوبِكُمْ

  • Make sure that your body, clothes and the spot where you are praying are neat and clean, because Almighty Allah is Nazif (clean) and He loves cleanliness.
  • While offering Dua, sit reverently on your knees in the state of Wudu with your face towards the Qiblah.
  • Praise Almighty Allah before and after Dua because doing Hamd (praise) pleases Almighty Allah and He showers countless blessings in return.

If you are not getting any results from this Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Back then you should consult Molana Bakhtawar Ali Ji because may be there is other reason behind this. You can consult us on WhatsApp for free.

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